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On with the fun stuff!

Almost every photographer I know loves gear, and I'm no different. Holding a great piece of kit in your hand can inspire you to get off the couch and go shoot. My gear is constantly evolving but I've pretty much been a Canon shooter since day one. I love the quality and sharpness of the L series lenses and the body menus are very intuitive. Oh, and lets not forget about video! The Canon AF system is second to none! I will say though, I'm seriously considering investing in the Fuji X series cameras. These retro style mirrorless cameras seem to have a soul all their own, while the Canons I shoot with are more of a work horse style system.

Below is a list of my current gear setup along with links to where you can purchase these items. If you really want to help support my journey, purchasing a piece of kit through one of the below links will put a few pennies in my pocket making it much easier for me to continue bringing you quality content.

everyday camera setup

video setup

camera accessories and essentials