When I bought my first 35mm film camera back in 1998, I was perplexed by all the technical intricacies involved in taking a proper photograph. I'm not one that has loads of patience for learning new skills, so when I found that photography would take considerable effort to master, I shelved the idea for years. I had always been a creative storyteller though, be it through writing, illustration, music or building things. However despite my early frustrations with the craft, photography had an allure that I couldn't fully step away from.

I finally pushed through my anxieties about learning the technical side of taking photographs and started to develop a deep love for the art form. Being able to capture the beauty in humanity and our world and share it with others is my driving purpose and I continually strive to better myself as an artist, creator and contributor.

Being an outdoorsman, I feel at home taking photos that capture the outdoor lifestyle. I believe it's pertinent to everyone's sanity and spiritual well being to spend time in nature. However there's also a certain beauty in the city and what humans have been able to create out of pure grit and ingenuity. The eclectic canvas of the urban landscape leaves a whole other world to be explored.

If you were to ask what drives me though, its working with brands, artists, musicians, organizations and individuals that contribute to society by producing products, content, services or simply beautiful smiles that have a positive impact on the world. And if by taking a photograph or producing a film I can help these people leave their mark, then I have fulfilled my greatest purpose.

If you've found this page and read this far, I sincerely thank you for following my journey. Your support and generosity mean the world to me and without people like you to view my life's work, it wouldn't be nearly as fun to create. Hope to see you out there sometime. Never stop exploring!

-Josh McClary